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[ATHLETE TRAINING] 3 weeks ago parent pulled me aside after his 8th grade son’s second week of working out and delivered to me a message I dread hearing from parents…. “My son has to bench press at school lifting and wants to deadlift with his buddies on the weekend…So can he start doing it here?”

I took a long pause to think. I’m all about providing people with the experience they desire within our culture, but not at the expense of their safety. I had to level with him… The young man in question is a good kid, budding athlete and hard worker…but can’t yet do 8 good push ups. In a polite way I explained it’s dangerous and scary to think that he would be adding extra weight with a bar, especially without any real supervision.

He called his son over and said, “go ahead and show him, you can do 10 push ups right now!” He attempted 10 with his young elbows flaring and barely bending. “See, he can bench press now, right!?”


I knew their had to be a better way to get the point across in a way that protects their feelings AND progresses them along in a safe manner, teaches them what they must know to please their coaches, So I went back on my search for a new version of something called a “tendo.” These were clunky devices that measures bar speed via a cord attached to the end of the bar.

FORTUNATELY, they’ve come a long way and we came across a new style monitor. It is built by an Italian aerospace engineer and magnetizes right to the bar. We tested it today and it worked great. Here’s the ONE FEATURE I’m most interested in. It provides the trainers with an immediate meters per second and power reading. In other words, it will tell us exactly how fast the bar is moving during each and every rep.


Instead of just seeing the visual of “total weight on the bar” (where kids over estimate and put their egos on the line), they can now work on form and bar SPEED. We don’t have to say “10 push ups to move to bench” we can say you need to move this bar at .8 meters per second before adding a single pound to it. Now the form can’t be cheated and their is a direct visual cue for the athlete to accomplish.


While technology doesn’t make a good training program, It’s an awesome plugin it our proven system.

IF YOU OR YOUR SON/DAUGHTER wants to participate in our 6 Week Wave program using this new technology PLEASE EMAIL

Visual feedback sparks growth, and it’s another way we can better serve you.

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